Bandar Seri Begawan, 11 September 2020 – Not many people know that there is more to owning a car with the best safety features. So, what happens when they encounter an unfortunate event such as a breakdown or an accident?

After calling relevant authorities and ensuring that everyone is safe, your first stop should always be to contact your authorized car dealer. This is because they possess intimate knowledge of your car and have the right skills and solutions to help you through an emergency or accident. They can get your car to the Service Centre with the utmost care and precaution.

In the instance that your car breaks down, is damaged, or requires some repair, your authorized dealer may be able to cover the cost of some of the repairs if your vehicle is still within the warranty period. Warranty is essential for any car ownership as it is a form of protection on your investment. At the same time, it gives you peace of mind should any unfortunate events happen.

If, after all the mitigation, you happen to find out that your car is close to the end of its warranty period, consider an Extended Warranty without further delay and contact your car dealer. Jaguar offers additional peace of mind to all its customers with an Extended Warranty of two years. Just make sure to check with your dealer regarding your car’s Warranty validity before applying for one.

Moreover, authorized dealers have manufacturer-trained technicians who are equipped with intimate knowledge to ensure that your car is fixed correctly and only genuine parts are used. Trained Technicians undergo specialized technical training programs to keep up with the latest vehicle technology alongside diagnostic and repair techniques and processes.

On the occasion that your car requires bodily repairs or parts replacement, authorized dealers can provide you with genuine car parts and paint. When you get genuine car parts from your authorized dealer, you are not choosing to give your vehicle something close to what it needs; you are choosing exact parts made for it. Going for anything less than genuine will risk the safety of your car.

Finally, Roadside Assistance from your authorized dealer is an add-on coverage that comes to your rescue when your car breaks down on busy highways or secluded roads. One call to your authorized dealer and technicians trained for the exact scenario you are in will be on their way over. Quality on-site assistance is important, especially if your car requires specialized care.

Jaguar provides 24/7 free-of-charge roadside assistance to all its customers with valid warranties. Customers can reach them at their roadside assistance hotline 7291000.

Breaking down on the road or getting into an accident can be scary, but with the right care from your authorized dealer, it can be swift and less stressful to go through.

Each purchase of Jaguar car comes with 5-year Service Plan, 3-year Warranty and 3-years Roadside Assistance. It is a peace of mind worth investing in.

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